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About Runkle Geography

Runkle Geography – Around the World in 124 Pages!

Brenda Runkle’s World Physical Geography makes an often-boring topic come to life!

Ms. Runkle does not focus on memorizing place names, and so forth, but first makes them come alive! Then, you memorize about a living place and its people.

Her book is loaded with colorful illustrations and her writing style is sharp and keeps one’s attention.  She has a passion for geography in all of its forms – physical, topographical, political, cultural, historical — that is infectious. She believes in teaching geography with a heavy accent on its significance to humans present and past. So, she provides insight into the foods, customs and history of people in every country. She also delivers information about how topographical features shape those people . . . the presence of mountains to cut them off from neighbors or the lack of mountains to make two divergent groups trade, intermarry and in general, get along.

With our world seeming to shrink with each passing week, knowing about virtually all peoples and nations is more important than ever. The United States is blessed with the most diverse population on earth and understanding where all of our ancestors came from, how they got here, why, and what they brought with them is of vital significance and enjoyable to study!

Do your child a favor and teach him/her geography using Brenda Runkle’s exciting and interesting books, complete with Teacher’s Guides.